Welcome to JJ’s Custom Cornhole Boards

Use your imagination and I can create your perfect hand painted custom cornhole boards.  I have created designs for people and also have used company logos to create the perfect gift. I use top quality boards made with 1/2″ maple tops and 1″ pine frame.   I then hand paint the designs.  No decals or stickers.  To add a level of protection and ensure a smooth surface two coats of clear polyurethane are applied to finish the boards off.

This was a hobby and a great way for me to surprise a friend with a meaningful gift.  I have made dozens for friends and family members.  Soon it turned into a small side business and now we are shipping across the country.  We are located in little Biddeford Maine.  Boards are built in my garage and hand painted in my basement.  Here are some great gifts that I have given to friends:

2 thoughts on “Welcome to JJ’s Custom Cornhole Boards

  1. We have one of the original sets. It is very sturdy. It is personalized and fits our style well. It looks like you keep making them a little better (lighter and even more detailed) each time! Hard to believe, since ours is so detailed.
    Many thanks! Keep up the good work!

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